How to care for furniture with wood, stone, and glass

How to care for furniture with wood, stone, and glass


Wax and polish the wood surfaces on your product as frequently as you would your other fine furniture using a good furniture polish or paste wax.  Do not use silicone-based products.

Use extreme caution when cleaning glass.  Use a quality liquid non-amonia glass cleaner.  Apply the glass cleaner to a soft cloth - do not spray or apply directly to the glass.


Contact a stone care specialist regarding specific care, cleaning or other questions you might have.  Some stone surfaces are more porous than others.

Clean surfaces on a regular basis with products specifically designed for use on stone surfaces.  General scouring powders or creams may contain abrassives that can scratch the stone surface.

Protect the stone surface from condensation or spills.  Coasters under drink glasses and bottles can help prevent glass rings or stains from occurring.  Products that contain lemon, vinegar or any fluid that contains an acid or alkali may damage stone surfaces.

Blot spills immediately to prevent staining or etching.  Blot the spill with a clean paper towel or cloth.  Do not wipe the area, as this can spread the spill and possibly increase the stain area.  Flush the area with plain water and wipe up immediately.  Use a cleaner or stain removed that is specifically designed for use on stone surfaces.

For scratches and nicks, remove any loose debris from the stone surface to prevent scratching.  Minor surface scratches may be buffed out with a polishing or restoration product which is specifically designed for use on stone surfaces

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